There are many different types of proxy servers. Each of those serves with a different purposes and has it’s own benefits. There are a lot of advantages which can be gained from various types of proxies. Different types of proxies can bring you faster browsing, bigger anonymity, higher security. Some of them can detect and block malicious sites without entering them. All of them have atleast one vital thing in common. It is the safety of user. It helps to protect your identity online. Let’s take a closer look at the proxy server types:


SSL proxy. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is used to protect your personal data from leaking during the transmission. It is symbolized by HTTPS as opposed to HTTTP type.

FTP Proxy. It stands for File Transfer Protocol. Mostly it is used in many applications where you are supposed to upload your data to a server. FTP proy server will offer you an enhanced security for uploading files to another server.

HTTP Proxy. When you type in a website adress that you want to reach – http proxy will search for this site in the cache. If it happens that the site is already located, it will return to that site immediately without you having to wait for it to download.

SOCKS Proxy. It actually stands for sockets and not just socks itself. The connection works through an Internet Protocol (IP) tunnel. This tunnel also deploys a firewall which helps to remain your safety online. The technology of socks was developed so you could access the network by bypassing default routing on LAN.

Anonymous Proxy. It provides you a high privacy level when you are browsing the internet. Anonymous proxies hides your ip in order to prevent it from leaking to other parties. One of its advantages is eliminating cookies that migt track your activity online.

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