Easiest way to compare the private and public proxies is to understand the difference, let’s say, by using your own car and  the public transport. Public transport are used by a huge wave of people while your own car is used only by you or the persons that you trust the most. In the same way, private proxies are mostly used by only person (you) while the public access proxies are used by tens, hundreds or even thousands of people everyday. While talking about the efficiency and reliability, public proxies are out of the talk. Public proxies usually works for a short time period until they die because of the overuse. They are very slow to use because so many people use it at the same time. There is a bigger risk to reveal your personal data online while using the public proxies, because public proxies are an easy point for hackers.  Private proxies last much more longer while compared to public proxies. They are, in fact, much more faster and reliable. Private proxies are way more efficient and easier to use because they are used by only once person at a time.

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