Most of the people does not know which types of proxy server to choose. It depends on many individual reasons. For example, if you want to pay a low price for your proxy server, we advice you to select semi-dedicated proxy servers. When you are using shared and semi-dedicated proxies you get a proxy server that is used not only by you but a small circle of people. If you compare semi-dedicated and dedicated proxy servers prices you will notice that semi-dedicated proxies are a lot more cheaper than dedicated ones. It is because of the fact that some other people are using the same proxy server as you do. Usually they are the same quality and speed as dedicated servers but due to people that are using them – they become a bit slower. But it is a fair price.

  • 100 Proxies
  • $39.99/mo

  • $0.4 per proxy
30% OFF
  • 200 Proxies
  • $55.99/mo
  • YOU SAVE: $25
    $0.28 per proxy
30% OFF
  • 500 Proxies
  • $139.99/mo
  • YOU SAVE: $60
    $0.28 per proxy
50% OFF
  • 1,000 Proxies
  • $199.99/mo
  • YOU SAVE: $200
    $0.2 per proxy
5/51 rating