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How to use HTTP proxies in FireFox internet browser

1. Open your Firefox inter browser and select Tools > then Options

2. Under the Advanced section  >select Network, click on Settings

3. Select Manual proxy configuration and fill your IP and port under HTTP Proxy and SSL Proxy

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How to set up HTTP proxies in Chrome internet browser

1. Open Chrome and then navigate to this direction chrome://chrome/settings (or go with select Tools > Settings)

2. Within Advanced settings , select Change proxy settings

3. In the Connections tab select LAN Settings

4 Select Proxy server and Advanced

5. Enter the proxy IP with port next to HTTP and Secure:

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The Importance of a Private Proxy To Professionals and Businesses

Our proxies are reliable solution to access restricted websites without revealing your private information online, for example your IP address and your location. Choosing proxies are one of the way to confirm your safety, remain anonymous while browsing. However, even browsing with proxy server – you might end up in danger if the provider is…